About Us

The Hard Road was established in 2021 in a small town in Vermont. This idea has been cultivating in our minds for years. We wanted to create a community where people could be proud of still standing tall and being hard. We wanted to give like minded people a place where they could showcase all the work they put in on a daily basis whether that be grinding it out in the gym, on the job site, in the office, and everywhere in between. We also have realized that there are many people who did not choose this path and have been forced into it by their current situation whether that be chronic illness or another hardship they are facing. We recognize that they are on The Hard Road even if they did not choose to be. If you are putting in the work and taking the hard road we want to see it and we want you to know that there are others like you pushing through every day. We do not quit and we do not slow down. We keep driving forward down The Hard Road!

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